Monday, November 14, 2016

Soapy Haul featuring Whipped Upp!

While we've been taking a break we've been having a good time using soaps made by fellow soapers, and I wanted to share a special package we received recently. We first received some Whipped Upp goodies during a soap swap and I was really impressed and excited to try more! Let me take you on a tour of our soapy haul from Amy at Whipped Upp! :-)

When I opened the box I couldn't help but say "Mmmmm!" I could already smell the soapy fragrances! (And are you as jealous of Amy's wax seal as I am? What a nice finishing touch!)

What a surprise when I cut around the seal (no way I was going to break it!) and looked inside! Amy included TONS of soap samples! Thank you, Amy! :-D

It takes a lot of time to put personality into soaps that are only an inch across! I LOVE the added detail that makes these little samples special. Clockwise from the top left is Lovely Day (a bright, sunny, lightly fruity fragrance), Cran-Citrus Fig (which makes me think of Autumn fruit harvests!), Falling in Love (with a fresh, spiced fragrance) and Room with a View (musky without being overbearing- I automatically thought of a hot late summer breeze). In the center is Maiden Voyage (a gorgeous blend of rose and ozone).

Amy also included a cute bath bomb scented in Ocean Air (fresh, slightly salty, and ozone-y, love the scent)! I can't wait to use it! Another huge thanks to Amy!

Now, on to the stars of the show, Whipped Upp soaps!
First up is a family favorite, Vanilla Spice. We first smelled this scent in a soap Amy included in the swap I mentioned earlier, and it was instantly snatched up by my younger brother, who likes spicy, warm fragrances. He was not at all deterred by seeing "vanilla" on the label. He kept asking “where can we get more?" So I'm really glad that Amy heard our plea for more of her lovely scent blend, this time including pumpkin ale in the soap for an awesome Autumn twist! Amy's soaps are rock hard, lather beautifully with a bubbly and creamy lather, and have nice strong fragrances that leave your skin with a light fragrance and soft feeling. Give this soap a try for sure! It's musky and spicy, and I am confident the guys in your life will enjoy it as much as the ladies. (Amy had thanked me for reminding her of how much she liked this fragrance blend, and she slipped an extra bar into our box! My brother sends a huge "thank you", he is SO excited that he gets more of his favorite soap! We're forcing him to share, LOL...)

This is the soap I chose for my Mom. :-) Funny story: she didn't have her glasses on when I handed her her bar, so she took a deeeep smell and really excitedly said "This reminds me of the Violet pastilles my mother used to buy me!!" Don't you love when a scent takes you back in time? I also love the "geode" look this soap has, isn't it cool? 
Last, but not least, is the soap I chose for myself, Southern Sweet Tea. The swirls are gorgeous like the the other soaps (love the delicate colors in this bar!) The fragrance of this bar is dead-on! Some tea fragrances are a bit strong, like cedar chips, but this soap is a perfect blend of black tea and sugar. Again, Amy has really hit the mark with her fragrance choice! As you can see from the pictures, all of the soaps are clearly labeled with their ingredients and Whipped Upp contact info.
My family and I are so thrilled with everything! Amy's efforts in the quality of her products, her clear labels and lovely packaging reflect her hard work and the heart she puts into her products. I just can't gush enough about the overall shopping experience we had with Whipped Upp.

I'll put all of Amy's info below, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Amy gave me a special promotional code to pass along to you! Use the code HAPPYDAY at the checkout when purchasing from Whipped Upp on Etsy for a discount on your order!

Etsy: (remember to use the code "HAPPYDAY")

Have fun trying some Whipped Upp soaps!

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