Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trial, Error, and the Sweet Smell of Sucess (aka, What We've Learned in Two Years of Soapmaking)

We stumbled onto the path of soapmaking like many others did- we wanted to start a home based business that wouldn't cost too much to start and that we would really enjoy for a long time, not just while we were feeling the initial fun of getting everything going.

I was browsing the internet looking for ways to start a jewelry-making business inexpensively, and somehow ended up on a page that had all kinds of craft ideas- the one that caught my eye was "Soapmaking". I thought "seriously, you can make soap on your own? Isn't that dangerous?" but I read through the page and decided to investigate. Now, many fun batches later, I'm very glad I did! I've had the chance to make soap with my Mom for a few years now, and we wanted to write about some of the things we've learned!