Monday, October 1, 2012

Waterproof Paper Comparison - Part 2 -

Part 2 -'s Matte Weatherproof paper

The biggest "pro" for me was that the colors were dead-on exactly as they looked in Photoshop. Green, Red, Tan. Like I said, I can do color tests all day, but to have them come out right the first try is really nice too! :-) The price for buying these in bulk would also be cheaper than BB's paper- not by much, but it's a consideration when you're starting out.

Now, unfortunately, several "cons"... As you can see, compared to the crispness of the text from's paper, this text looks cool but rather blob-like. It made the small text almost impossible to read (even though I knew what all of it said).

On top of that- see the little nicks and scratches on the label? Those are not intentional... the ink on the paper doesn't soak in, but sits on top. It doesn't take much of a bump to take off the layer of ink and leaves behind a bright shiny white layer beneath. These two sticks in the picture above look pretty abused, but really they've just been sitting in a baggie with other sticks... objects that have no pointy bits shouldn't scratch each other up that bad! Can you imagine how horrible they'd look after a day's jostling in a pocket or purse? Ouch! And worst of all... when you want to take a label up to reposition it a bit- which will happen with pretty much every label- the ink just clumps where it was bent backward and falls off. When this happened I actually yelled "Noooooooo!" like when Vader told Luke he was his father...

I went back and checked to see if I had gotten the right paper for our printer, and indeed I had. It's disappointing that it can look SO good but perform rather badly. It kind of made me wonder if I had gotten paper for the wrong purpose- maybe these labels were supposed to be for something more temporary or stationary (like a bottle that would stay in the shower or cupboard for the most part)?

Well, that's a review of the two kinds of paper I've tried so far! I hope if someone out there finds a brand of label paper they like that they'll share! :-)


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