Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What to do if Etsy Mini doesn't display on your blog

Found a solution thanks to Sarah Mitchell from TheSmitchell- to quote her post directly:
I figured out a work around for Etsy Mini that Adblock won't block! Here's what you do:

1. Open the Etsy Mini javascript. It's the web address inside the quotes after scr= in the first <script...> element.
* If you're displaying items from your shop, go here: www.etsy.com/assets/js/etsy_mini_shop.js
* If you're displaying items from your favorites, go here: www.etsy.com/etsy_mini.js
2. Copy EVERYTHING you see.
3. Paste what you copied in the Etsy Mini code inside the first set of <script> </script> tags.
4. Delete the src='...' property from the first <script...> tag.
(Your opening tag should be <script type='text/javascript'> )
5. Save your widget or webpage or whatever.

This *should* work. I did it on my blog, turned adblock back on, and everything was still displayed. Now, if Etsy ever makes changes to the Etsy Mini widget, you'll need to re-do this to get your widget to work like the new one. But this should get you around that pesky adblock issue until something else is done about it.

Thank you again, Sarah! 


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