Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brief update...

...on how everything's going:

My computer died about a month back and I'm roughing it for now using other people's computers to get everything done. I'm managing well as far as daily life goes: bill paying, checking e-mail, etc. But it's going a little slowly as far as the business side of things are concerned. You do really get used to the convenience of having everything on your computer "just so"!

We took care of our very first Etsy order on two different computers (it went very smoothly thanks to the friendly and patient buyer), and listed one of our lotion formulas on Etsy (woohoo! finally! People around here have been asking for a while) and printed business cards on another. We will soon be listing our lip balms as well as updating the product info on our website, but I've got a miserable cold right now, so I'm waiting on that until probably Monday or Tuesday. :-)

I had a dream last night that we had an open house for our soap and a friend came up and said "I bought something from your Etsy shop!" It reminded me of one of those dreams where you find treasure and then you wake up disappointed because it's not real- apparently getting Etsy sales is the new "finding treasure", *lol*...

It hasn't all been work since my computer died though- my Mom and I discovered the slightly-addictive Abbey Road Cam, and we've been playing a lot of Minecraft as a family. Good times!


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